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About us

The faculty follows a long tradition of discipline-based course delivery in the health professions.

Graduate employability

Curtin collaborates with some of the biggest companies globally to ensure our research and education is relevant and that you graduate highly employable. The 2015 Graduate Destination Survey indicated that 93.1 per cent of Curtin health students secured full or part-time employment upon the completion of their degree.

Our courses

We offer courses in:

Learning and teaching

The faculty is well integrated with the professions in which our graduates practice. Health Sciences staff are actively involved in clinical practice and leading professionals from the healthcare sector also contribute to teaching our courses. At the same time, our strong academic orientation keeps us at the forefront of evidence-based practice.


Aligned with our teaching interests, the faculty includes a large number of areas of research including health informatics and genomics, human movement and rehabilitation, metabolic health, lifespan – development and ageing, healthy environment and behaviours, vulnerable populations, biomolecular interactions and drug discoery in chronic conditions, pathogenesis and management of disease, neurosciences and mental health and research into teaching and learning towards better health.