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Biomedical Sciences – Message from the Head of School, April 2017

Colleagues, this is the sixth in a series of school newsletters, which started in November 2015. I am very happy that we have many interesting outcomes and successes to report. Please read on for details.

I continue to represent the school on a weekly basis in the Faculty Leaders Group (FLG) meetings, the monthly Faculty Academic Board meetings, the monthly Faculty Health and Safety committee, and the monthly Financial Reporting (Curtin Financial and Commercial Services) meetings, where we discuss the full year school budget income and expenditure projections.

This year will again be challenging with respect to meeting our expenditure commitments and providing the University/faculty contributions. I thank staff for their understanding and help with respect to meeting and maintaining high standards in both teaching and research in the present climate, where restrictions on expenditure continue to affect all of us.

On a positive note, there are a couple of issues to highlight. Firstly, the Curtin Medical School was opened in February 2017, and staff from Biomedical Sciences are already teaching the new cohort of medical students. Secondly, in preparation for our school review later this year, I undertook a review of research productivity in 2016 of our ALE Professorial staff late last week, using PubMed as source for information. The School currently has 7.5 FTE (3.5 RA and 4.0 T&R) Professors (Profs Coombe, Dharmarajan, Falasca, Mancera, Moses, Newsholme, O’ Gara, Watkin). The total number of publications from these staff in 2016 was 75. This is an impressive result and reflects the quality and dedication of our staff and their research teams.

Philip Newsholme

Head of School