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National Immunohaematology Continuing Education (NICE)

In October 2015, two of our fourth year Laboratory Medicine students (now graduates), Amanda Williams and Paul Barankewitsch, attended the National Immunohaematology Continuing Education (NICE) meeting in Melbourne. This opportunity was made possible by Seqirus (previously bioCSL), who generously covered travel and conference expenses for both students. In preparation, each student was partnered with a transfusion scientist in industry and investigated issues related to transfusion laboratory practice. Amanda worked with Sarah Owen, Senior Scientist in Transfusion at Western Diagnostic Pathology, on a project highlighting problems faced in the laboratory arising from the administration of prophylactic anti-D for the prevention of Haemolytic Disease of the Foetus and Newborn.  Paul worked with Susan Finch, Scientist in Charge at PathWest, to investigate the specificity and frequency of red cell alloantibody production in a Western Australian population.

A short piece from Amanda outlining her experience: “I really enjoyed attending the conference. As I was a student, I was very nervous to be presenting to a room full of scientists who are very experienced in their field. However, everyone was extremely friendly and supportive. It was great to meet scientists from Australia and other parts of the world such Japan and New Zealand, and those who have worked both overseas and in Australia. I feel as though I learned so much from them as I listened to their presentations. We also attended great events such dinners and a casino royale night, which was another good opportunity to get to know everyone.”