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Helmerhorst Scholarship Seminars

Helmerhorst Scholarship Seminars

The Helmerhorst Scholarships are provided by the School of Biomedical Sciences and were first awarded in December 2015. The scholarships are worth $2000, and allow students to participate in research in a nominated lab for at least six weeks. Students are selected based on academic record and a project proposal at the time of application (selected by a sub committee of the School Research and Development committee).

On 25 February 2016, recipients of the Helmerhorst Scholarships presented their findings to a large audience. Erik Helmerhorst attended the seminars and emphasised the importance of summer scholarships to attracting and retaining high quality students who will go onto HDR projects in the School.

Professor Erik Helmerhorst and Dr Ross Graham
Professor Erik Helmerhorst and Dr Ross Graham

Scholarship awardee’s and their presentation titles were as follows:

Scholarship awardee Presentation Title
Benjamin Tuck The use of phosphate solubilising microbes to liberate rare earth elements from ore
Shelley Waters Do genetic polymorphisms influence the burden of CMV?
Melissa Eccles Investigating critical regions within the Presenilins responsible for production of Alzheimer’s beta amyloid protein
Monica Amaya Expression levels of DEAD-Box helicase DP103 in glioblastoma multiform cancer stem cells
Catherine Legrand Functional significance of glycosaminoglycan binding to the chemokine Eotaxin
Jordan Rowlands Fatty acid effect on Amylin Protein in Pancreatic Beta Cells