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New Appointments

Professor Eric K. Moses (Professor ALE RA, joint position with UWA and MRF at Royal Perth Hospital)

Professor Moses is a genetic epidemiologist currently appointed as Director, Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease at the University of Western Australia. Prior to his current appointment he we was Head of the Complex Disease Genetics Laboratory at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. He collaborates extensively on the genetic dissection of a variety of common complex human traits and diseases using contemporary high-throughput integrative genomics strategies in large population and family-based study designs. His current research focus includes common pregnancy disorders, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, melanoma, mesothelioma and sleep disorders.

Eric is part of a Cancer Council WA Capacity Building and Collaboration Grant that is administered through Curtin. It is called Integrating personalized genomics into risk-stratification models of population screening for cancer.

Heather Fairhurst (Senior Scientific Officer)

Heather has been appointed to the role of Senior Scientific Officer.   “I am new to the Senior Scientific Officer role, but not to the School of Biomedical Science or to the Micro technical team, having worked in Micro for a number of years.  I am replacing Alain Delhaize, who has retired and now divides his time between real estate management, road trips and fishing (the School gave him a fish-finder as his retirement gift).  I am part of quite a changed lineup of staff in Microbiology, with two new appointments in the last year – Luma Abu-Alsaad and Michael Erskine.  Ashleigh Beuglehole, currently on maternity leave, will be helping out in a sessional role (3rd year practicals) during the coming year.

I am looking forward to the challenge of my first teaching semester in my new role.

Michael Erskine (Scientific Officer)

Michael has been appointed to the role of scientific officer (part time) in the school. He is a graduate from Curtin School of Biomedical Sciences. Michael says he is “looking forward to working alongside a lot of familiar faces and for the same academic institution that I attained my undergraduate degree from”.

New Adjuncts

Professor Shazib, Pervaiz, from the Department of Physiology, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Professor Ajay Goel, Director, Epigenetics and Cancer Prevention, Baylor Research Institute and Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, TX 75246


Alain Delhaize retired in January after 30+ years working in Biomedical Sciences. Staff members of the school farewelled Alain at a casual farewell party at the Tavern.

Long Service Award

John Warwick was recently recognised with an award for his long service to Curtin. John started at Curtin in 1984 in Nursing, part-time and then progressed to full time between Anatomy and Nursing as a lab assistant and then to a full time technician in Anatomy.  This year (2016) John starts his 32nd year working at Curtin.  John says he has “seen many changes in that time”. John was part of The Catalysis Team which won a 2013 Excellence & Innovation in teaching award.

The School of Biomedical Sciences would like to thank John for 31 years of service in the provision of practical classes in the Anatomy area as well as his continued contribution to other areas in the school, particularly social events. 31 years, now that’s staying power!

But its more than just work, during his time at Curtin John has been a constant source of jokes, anecdotes and sage advice, as well as a vital link between his area and the greater university. John has brought character and personality to our work environment. His circle of friends at Curtin extends well beyond the School of Biomedical Sciences who without doubt would all like to congratulate John on his 31 years of service.

Thanks John. Your contributions over the years and years and years have been greatly appreciated by all those around you.