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Student News

Oral Health Therapy

The following students from Oral Health Therapy were presented with awards at a ceremony held on Friday, 12 Feb at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia.

Ms Natasha Lethorn, Ms Dara Dahlitz, Ms Agnes Szilagyi, Mr Mohamed Amtirg, Ms Seanne Collette, Ms Jodie Burton, Ms Laura Allen (3 awards), Ms Dana Bechelli, Ms Carlee Purnat (2 awards), Ms Marina Castelo Pedrosa Corbett (2 awards), Ms Nadia Farzad, Ms Carlee Purnat, Ms Agnes Szilagyi, Ms Hellene Platell. Details of individual awards can be found here.


OHT Awards Evening Feb 2016
OHT Awards Evening Feb 2016
OHT Class of 2015
OHT Class of 2015

HDR Update

The school has welcomed five new HDR students:

  • Felipe Krupelis (supervisor Philip Newsholme)
  • Aleksandra Adamska (supervisor Marco Falasca)
  • Aikaterini Emmanouilidi (supervisor Marco Falasca)
  • Riley Murphy (supervisor Josh Ramsay)
  • Nikita Waltz (supervisor Philip Newsholme)

We have also seen six successful completions:

  • Saul Cowen (Supervisor David Groth)
  • Sheena Regan (Arunasalam Dharmarajan)
  • Aime Munro (James Semmens)
  • Josh Ravensdale (Supervisor Keith Gregg)
  • Wresti Anggayasti (Erik Helmerhorst)
  • Scott Cornwall (Delia Nelson)

In addition, the school has been successful in five APA applications.