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Ask Me About SoTL

In May, Curtin will be showcasing innovative learning and teaching at the 2016 Festival of Learning. The festival’s focus is ‘The Global Classroom: Innovation for the future’, which reflects the strategic approach of Learning for Tomorrow.

The festival aims to engage and educate students and staff by showcasing examples of excellence at Curtin, and by celebrating achievements in the learning, teaching and student experience. There will also be demonstrations of future technologies and teaching practices and the global classroom.

The festival will offer interactive, cross-disciplinary sessions of students, staff and industry. Sessions will commence at 8.30 am and go through to 5.00 pm, and may vary in length depending on submissions. The festival will commence with an opening event on the first day, and conclude with the Curtin Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Awards Ceremony.

The festival will run from Wednesday 4 May – Friday 6 May 2016. Building 105 will provide the focal point for sessions, and everyone is welcome to attend.