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Mission statement


The PRECRU mission is to promote excellence in evidence-based prehospital emergency care through the conduct of high quality clinical, epidemiological and health services research, and encourage the translation of research into practice.


The PRECRU team values responsibility, integrity, accountability, collegiality and respect in all of our collaborative and professional relationships as well as innovation and intellectual development of scientific thought. We aim to achieve excellence in every aspect of our research.


PRECRU objectives are to:

  1. conduct high quality research that will build the evidence-base that informs prehospital patient care practice and the development of high quality emergency medical services systems;
  2. build research capacity in the field of prehospital emergency care, both within Western Australia and more widely, through collaboration with other national and international prehospital and emergency care researchers; and
  3. promote understanding by clinicians and the public of the importance of prehospital and emergency care clinical practice being based on sound research evidence.