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Completed projects

Rinse Trial: The Rapid Infusion of Cold Normal Saline by paramedics during CPR (Western Australia)

Sudden cardiac arrest is a common event in the community. Therapeutic hypothermia decreases the brain injury caused by the cardiac arrest and is currently used in the hospital after successful resuscitation. However, there may be better outcomes if the brain is cooled by paramedics during resuscitation. We will compare survival rates for those patients cooled early by paramedics using an infusion of ice-saline during cardiac arrest with those patients who are later cooled by the hospital.

Extended Care Paramedics (ECPs)

As demand for Emergency Department (ED) services continues to exceed any increase that can be explained by population growth, strategies to reduce demand and/or increase supply are being explored.  The concept of ambulance paramedics providing an alternative model of care to the current ‘see and transport to ED’ has intuitive appeal and a small number of so-called ECPs have been introduced in NSW and SA.  Our project will develop and test (through simulation) the feasibility and safety of empirically derived clinical protocols for an ECP role for the Perth metropolitan area.  In addition, we will model the impact of the introduction of ECPs on ED demand and investigate the potential for ameliorating the problem of ED over-crowding in Perth.