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Curtin College Orientation Day

The Faculty of Health Sciences took part in Curtin College’s Orientation Day event on Friday, 26 February. The event was run to welcome all newly enrolled students of Curtin College and to give new and continuing students a tour of Bentley Campus and its facilities.

Over 420 domestic and international students of Curtin College participated in the event, around 110 of whom are health sciences students. With the help of the academics from each school, the students were given a tour of our nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, and biomedical sciences facilities.

The event was reported to be a success and the college reported positive feedback from their students. We would like to thank Sarah Sheehan (School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine), Julie Bayliss (School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science), Julie Brayshaw (School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work), Tin Fei Sim (School of Pharmacy), Danielle Dye (School of Biomedical Sciences) and Adrian Paxman (School of Biomedical Sciences) for their help in this event.