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Nursing Immersion Program at Sichuan University

Posted: Posted: 29 August 2014

Three Curtin nursing students, Erin Stokes, Kayla Hall and Kymberley Grange, were selected to participate in a two-week Nursing Immersion Program hosted by West China School of Nursing, Sichuan University, Chengdu. The program took place from June 30 to July 13 and hosted nursing students from Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

During the immersion program students completed two short courses on ‘Emergency Preparedness for Nurses’ and ‘Principles and Practices in Public Health’. They also toured various clinical wards and departments of the West China Hospital, and visited the Mental Health and Community Unit and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital situated near the West China Hospital. During the tours students witnessed firsthand the differences and similarities of the Australian and Chinese healthcare systems and practices.

In their free time the students sampled plenty of Sichuan cuisine (fiery and numbingly hot) and visited several Chengdu attractions, including the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, the Wenshu Yuan Monastery, the People’s Park and the Leshan Giant Buddha.

On the final night of the program the Faculty hosted an International Drama Festival in which all Faculty staff and students gathered to perform a song, dance or play. At the end of the night, all students were presented with a certificate for their participation in the immersion program.

Below are the students’ testimonials on their Nursing Immersion Program experience in Chengdu:

“When I started my nursing degree I was certain that I wanted to be a theatre nurse, but after experiencing a different ‘healthcare’ culture and doing an extra unit in public health I am considering going into public health nursing. In my final semester I hope to be part of the GoGlobal program so I can also compare an Asian urban healthcare setting to an Asian rural/community healthcare setting.” Erin Stokes

“This experience provided exposure to difference cultures, a different way of doing things, and an insight into clinical practice in China, Denmark, Canada and the USA … In summary this has been the trip of a lifetime and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part in the summer camp.” Kymberley Grange

“I am greatly honored to have had the opportunity to participate in this program and would definitely recommend it to all students! It was an absolutely fantastic cultural experience and the knowledge I have gained from the camp will stay with me long into the future.” Kayla Hall