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Curtin University
Health Sciences


The Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI) facilitates high-quality translational health research focused on 10 broad programs of research. It brings together over 140 researchers from more than 24 different health professions, working in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research groups across the Faculty’s network of schools and centres, to develop high impact, high-quality research.

The 10 programs include:

CHIRI is engaged in developing practical solutions to global health challenges, preparing students for leadership roles in healthcare, and working with industry partners and communities to advance health and wellbeing around the world. Translational research is a key focus of CHIRI- taking research from the bench-top to the bedside to better health.

CHIRI is about bringing people, knowledge and creative energy together in an inspiring environment where working as a team, constantly pushing the limits, will lead to greater success.