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Curtin University
Health Sciences

CHIRI Biosciences adjunct staff

Mr Steve Pratt

Mr Steve Pratt Mr Steve Pratt
Position Research Fellow
Faculty Faculty of Health Sciences
School School of Public Health
Department Ctr Behavioural Rsch in Cancer Control



Journal Articles (Research)

  • Pettigrew, S., M. I. Jongenelis, T. N. Chikritzhs, T. Slevin, I. S. Pratt, D. Glance, and W. Liang. 2014. “Developing cancer warning statements for alcoholic beverages.” BMC Public Health 14 (786): 1-10.


Journal Articles (Research)

  • Johnson, R., G. Jalleh, I. S. Pratt, R. J. Donovan, C. Y. Lin, C. Saunders, and T. Slevin. 2013. “Online advertising by three commercial breast imaging services: Message takeout and effectiveness.” The Breast 22 (5): 780-786.


Journal Articles (Research)


Journal Articles (Research)

  • Carter, O. B., C. Pollard, J. F. Atkins, J. M. Milliner, and I. S. Pratt. 2011. “‘We’re not told why – we’re just told’: qualitative reflections about the Western Australian Go for 2&5 fruit and vegetable campaign.” Public Health Nutrition 14 (6): 982-988.


Journal Articles (Research)

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