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About the school

The School of Biomedical Sciences was founded in the 1960s to train medical laboratory scientists and continues that role today through its Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Medicine (formerly Medical Science) – the only award of its type in Western Australia accredited by the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists.

Biomedical scientist

The four-year professional degree incorporates a major professional practice component. We also offer courses in molecular genetics and biotechnology, and human biology, and contribute to pre-clinical curriculum for the medical MBBS degree at Curtin University (starting in 2017). The school is also responsible for training oral health therapists in Western Australia. We pride ourselves on our teaching activities – staff in the school have won numerous recent awards for excellence in learning teaching, and the school was the inaugural winner of Curtin’s Excellence in Teaching award in 2000.

The school is a major stakeholder in the $35 million world-class Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute that was established at Curtin University in 2012 to drive forward the search for new and improved methods of diagnosis and discovery of medicines key to fighting chronic diseases afflicting people worldwide.

We conduct research programs in many disciplines with an emphasis on cell and molecular biology, as applied to microorganisms and diseases of ageing in animals and humans. Our postgraduate courses include masters and doctoral degrees by research as well as coursework professional masters degrees.

We offer a friendly, supportive environment to students, staff and visiting scientists and aspire to graduate biomedical scientists of international standing and recognition.