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Location and facilities

The School of Biomedical Sciences is located on the Curtin Bentley campus in buildings 308, 310, 404 and 405. The Department of Dental Hygiene & Therapy is located at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia (OHCWA), 17 Monash Avenue, Nedlands.

Teaching (buildings 308, 310, 404 and 405) and research laboratories (buildings 305 and 308) on the Bentley campus have recently been refurbished with modern designs and state-of-the-art equipment.



The School’s Bentley facilities include 11 student teaching laboratories, associated instrument rooms, hot/cold and store rooms, preparation, storeroom and other support facilities, an anatomy facility, prosection room and mortuary, a dry laboratory, museum and resource centre, a cytology suite, a computer laboratory, a glassware preparation and sterilisation area, general and volatile stores, a workshop, a dental clinic, dental laboratory, x-ray rooms and associated support facilities, and state-of-the-art PC2 compliant molecular and cellular research facilities.

The relocation of School research staff and students to building 305 in 2012 has allowed access to sophisticated and specialised scientific equipment which includes a genomic facility (including next generation DNA sequencing, real time PCR), LC MS mass spectroscopy, HPLC, Biacore T200 instrumentation, radioisotope counters, three flow cytometers, a BD FACSJazz cell sorter, spinning disk and point scanning confocal microscopes, ultra and high speed centrifuges and cell counting equipment, advanced microplate readers, a histopathology suite, four tissue culture suites, autoclaves and sterilisation equipment, oven/incubators, balances, pH-meters, and gel documentation equipment for data analysis and presentation. In addition a protein expression and purification facility is available to researchers. The School facilitates the research projects of approximately 50 PhD students, 30 MSc students and 20 honours students.