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School news

Deep freeze may save plants from global warming

The planet’s temperature is rising and the environmental impacts are complex and catastrophic. Professor Ricardo Mancera is leading a research project aimed at  preserving the seeds of threatened species.

Researcher profile: scientist struck by spider venom

While the thought of spider venom would make most people shudder, Dr Deplazes is interested in its health-giving properties, specifically its effect on cancer cells and neurological conditions.

Medical scientist fighting antimicrobial resistance

Jessica Ramsay
Jessica Ramsay’s dream of making a difference to the lives of others is coming true through her role in guiding the treatment of drug-resistant superbugs as part of Doctors Without Borders.

Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards 2016

The Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards celebrates the work of Curtin staff and students who have made significant contributions to the advancement of commercial industries.

Blocking the signal: Finding a way to stop cancer in its tracks

Pancreatic cancer currently offers sufferers little hope of survival, but a Curtin research team is making inroads by focusing on ways of blocking lipid signalling.