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About the school

Professor Phill Della
Professor Phill Della

As a nurse, midwife or paramedic you are able to make a unique and significant impact on the health and well-being of people at a community and individual level and in varying contexts of life.

The uniqueness of the very personal relationship requires nurses, midwives and paramedics to have not only skills as leaders, team members and critical thinkers, but also as empathetic, caring professionals who are respectful of diverse values and beliefs.

We embrace these qualities and provide the opportunity for students to develop these qualities not only as an undergraduate, but also through continuing education and postgraduate studies.

The school has a wide range of courses and research opportunities open to both local and international students. Student centered learning is the focal point of the school’s mission and values and as such students are supported to achieve their goals.

Your opportunity for personal and academic growth can be fulfilled in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine.

Professor Phill Della – Head of School