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Global opportunities

Student exchange programs

Nursing is a Global profession, so why not travel overseas while you complete your degree? Student exchange is a collaborative arrangement between universities that allows students from Curtin to study with partner universities internationally and students from the partner universities to study at Curtin. In both cases, the student pays the standard tuition fees of their home University.

The School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine has an exchange agreement with:

Exchange agreements mean students can complete units of study, including clinical experience units overseas. All approved studies will be credited towards your degree. To be considered for exchange, students need to have successfully completed Nursing 2 and not be in their final semester.

For more information on student exchange, please:

Exchange students must apply through the international office at their home university.

Student Testimonials Two Swedish exchange students visited Perth from Jonkoping University, Sweden. Annamaria and Marie had the following to say about their experiences in Perth.

When I found out about the opportunity study abroad in Australia, I jumped at the chance, and I haven’t looked back!….Curtin’s School of Nursing and Midwifery has been very instructive and interesting, and I have had the chance to study Family Nursing Practice, which I found very rewarding….Working in hospitals around Perth has given me many experiences and new impressions.

Annamaria, exchange student.

Student exchange in Australia has offered a fantastic life experience. Living on campus, close the university has made it so easy to settle into the Australian way of life. To share an apartment with other student has been a very positive experience, because it has given us the opportunity to get to know people from around the world….Language was one of my biggest challenges, and it did take a while before I got used to the Australian accent, but improving my English was also one of the main reasons for coming to Australia….To anyone who is thinking of being an exchange student in Perth, do not hesitate! This has given me life experiences to carry with me for my whole life. The studies are important but do not forget to experience this amazing country as well. This has been an unforgettable time which I do not want to end, and I hope to come back sometime in the future.

Marie, exchange student.