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School guidelines

Download the 2017 Student Guidelines Declaration Form [.pdf 37KB]

To review specific guidelines please click the links below.

 GuidelineEffective from
Clinical ExperienceConfidentiality of Client Information in Clinical PracticeMay 2015
Preparation for and Completion of Clinical Practice; Clinical Time Missed and Exclusion to Clinical Practice; Clinical Learning Contracts October 2016
Student Dress Standard Requirement (Clinical Experience & Laboratory Attendance)May 2016
Basic Life SupportMarch 2016
Manual HandlingMarch 2016
Note: Student Health/Medical Status
Students must submit proof of mandatory Health and Legal Checks
For 'Student Conscientious Objection to Health and Legal Screening Requirements' refer to the University's:
- Fieldwork Education Policy and Procedures
- Conscientious Objection Policy and Procedures
Useful resources 
Assigment Cover SheetAssignment Cover Sheet (2016)
Channels for Student ConcernsRights and Responsibilities - Appeals
Rights and Responsibilities - Student Conduct
Copyright of Unit Resource MaterialsCopyright for Students