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Academic staff who deliver our programs have a diverse range of clinical, academic and research backgrounds relevant to occupational therapy or social work. Many have both national and international training and experience and some have nationally recognised research.

Occupational therapy staff

Social work staff

All academic staff have qualifications relevant to occupational therapy or social work and teach in units that are aligned with their clinical experience, bringing an enhanced level of teaching excellence to the School that is reflected in the number and range of university and service awards they receive.

As evidence of the high standard of teaching and learning in our School, a number of academic staff have won Faculty, University or Carrick teaching awards over recent years. These awards are highly competitive and recognise and reward the diverse contributions that individuals and teams make to the quality of the student experience.

In addition, academic staff engage in clinical relationships relevant to their practice/content areas in health, social work and education and maintain membership of relevant committees and organisations external to the university. Further, academic staff regularly participate in national and international research activities, including international conferences.