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About the school

Welcome to the Curtin School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. Over the past 60 years our school has established an international reputation for the quality of its graduates and the quality of its research.

Professor Keith Hill
Professor Keith Hill

We have been privileged to have very high caliber students entering our programs and to have dedicated teaching and general staff who make a major contribution to the school. We are proud of the fact that we have students in our programs from all parts of the world. Our school provides leadership in the development of physiotherapy in Western Australia and beyond.

Professor Keith Hill
Head of School

Excellent facilities

In July 2002 the school moved from its long-time home at Shenton Park to a new building on the Bentley Campus of Curtin University. The building has been specifically designed for the needs of the school and provides excellent facilities for teaching and research.

Our research facilities include a Motion Analysis Laboratory that has been specifically designed for gait studies and other studies on human motion. We also have an anatomy suite and a large, well appointed Teaching Clinic. These facilities provide us with the opportunity to significantly expand and develop our core activities in teaching and learning as well as research and development. It is an ideal environment for student learning. Learn more about our facilities.


We have taken a very innovative approach over the years in developing new teaching programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In 2001 we started our Master of Physiotherapy (Graduate Entry) program. This qualification allows individuals who hold a degree in another discipline to undertake an accelerated program for entry to the Physiotherapy profession. The program has received accreditation and has been very successful, with a steadily increasing number of applicants.

The Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation Science course commenced in the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science in 2012. This course aims to provide a rich and varied learning experience, ensuring students have a strong and relevant preparation for work in this expanding area of practice.

Professional development

The school has a series of postgraduate qualifications in clinical physiotherapy that allow qualified physiotherapists to engage in ongoing professional development and postgraduate education. The programs provide a progressive approach that allows individuals to gradually move through graduate certificate, postgraduate diploma and masters-level qualifications by taking units in their areas of specialist interest.

The school is currently offering these programs with a focus in the area of continence and women’s health. The school also offers a Master of Clinical Physiotherapy specialising in musculoskeletal therapy postgraduate degree to both local and international physiotherapists, which replaces our long-standing and internationally renowned Master of Musculoskeletal Therapy.