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motion analysis lab

Motion Analysis Laboratory

The Motion Analysis Laboratory of the School is a specialised research facility designed to allow the research of a wide range of human activities. The lab is circular in shape, with an upper mezzanine level accessible from the second floor of the building.


  • Dual Xeon 6-core Data Acquisition Computer System
  • 1x Vicon Giganet + 2x Vicon Ultranet MX HD, for Real-Time motion-capture and 64 Channels of Analog Data Collection.
  • Vicon Nexus 1.8 software.
  • 4 AMTI force platforms in the floor, which can be moved to suit different research requirements.
  • Vicon Motion Analysis System, with 14 advanced semi-infra red Vicon F40 cameras plus digital video cameras.
  • Blue wall suitable for Chroma-Key.
  • Roller Doors on opposite sides and in line with the force platforms, allowing for run-through motion analysis.

Rehabilitation Laboratory


  • leg extension
  • leg curl
  • seated row
  • lat pull-down
  • horizontal leg-press
  • Smith machine
  • cable cross-over
  • back extension
  • a full range of fixed dumbbells and barbells
  • Olympic bars
  • boxing bag
  • exercise bikes
  • treadmill

Teaching laboratories

teaching environments

Building 408 has six world-class physiotherapy teaching laboratories located on the second floor, as well as a dedicated lab for postgraduate students on the fourth floor