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Research projects

Physical Activity

Investigate the use of physical activity for well individuals and groups with diabetes, obesity, dementia and cerebral palsy as a means of preventing or minimising morbidity.


Investigate the mechanisms, development, classification and management of disorders and motor control dysfunction in a broad cross section of the community.


Examine physiologic responses to exercise tests and the efficacy of exercise training, exercise effects on blood vessels, physical activity and cardiovascular disease risk factors and self management interventions to reduce healthcare burden in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma.


Focuses on the ability to modulate spinal pain with movement based therapies. Mechanisms underlying acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain are investigated using novel experimental pain methods in healthy controls and patient cohorts. Mechanisms and efficacy of movement based interventions to minimise musculoskeletal pain and enhance movement are also investigated.


Investigate the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders related to insufficient or inappropriate activity. Examples in this area include health issues associated with increased use of computers by children, learning musical instruments, performing manual tasks and decreased movement in office work.