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Improving Indigenous Cardiovascular Health: Extending a Secondary Prevention Model to Primary Prevention


Dr Andrew Maiorana, Ms Lyn Dimer (Heart Foundation), Prof Sandy Thompson (CUCRH), Prof Trish Davidson, A/Prof Alexandra McManus, Dr Jamie Rankin (Royal Perth Hospital), Prof Peter Thompson (Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital)


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) continues to be the leading cause of death among Indigenous Australians, with deaths occurring at a younger age than in other Australians. While the reasons for this disparity are multifactorial, the well documented treatment gap in health services for Indigenous compared with non-Indigenous Australians is a significant contributing factor.

This project will implement and evaluate a healthy lifestyle program for improving cardiovascular health in Indigenous Australians. The program will incorporate the elements of comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation, an evidence-based secondary prevention strategy, and will be offered within a whole of community context to also involve individuals at risk of cardiovascular events.


Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Curtin University Internal Research Grant



Andrew Maiorana. Implementing a Culturally Appropriate Cardiac Rehabilitation Program for Aboriginal Australians. Australian Cardiac Rehabilitation Association Conference. Aug 2010
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