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Spinal pain and information technology use in the Busselton Healthy Aging Study


Professor Leon Straker, Prof. Peter O’Sullivan, Dr. Anne Smith, Dr Andrew Briggs, with AProfessor Alan James (SCGH), Professor Arthur Musk (SCGH), Professor David Mackey (Lion’s Eye), AProfessor Robert Eikelboom (Ear Sciences), AProfessor John Beilby (PathWest) and others


In aging research there is an increasing interest in ‘function’ rather than disease as this is central to healthy aging and maintaining quality of life. There is also increasing recognition of the complex interactions of multiple cognitive and physical illnesses. This project will examine the independent and collective contributions of a wide range of illnesses in ‘baby boomers’. C4PR involvement centres on spinal pain disorders and the impact of information technology use on health and function. 5,000 residents of the Busselton Shire born between 1946 and 1964 will be invited to participate in a broad questionnaire and physical assessment covering: body composition, cardiovascular function, respiratory function, eye and ear function, cognitive function, neuromusculoskeletal function and sleep function along with diet, physical activity, sedentary behaviours, information technology use, mental health, environmental exposures, quality of life, demographics, medical history and current symptoms. Data collection started in 2010 and is expected to take 4 years.


Western Australian State Government, Busselton Health Study Foundation, Curtin University