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Simulation-based learning is employed to translate classroom teaching to realistic clinical settings. Simulated scenarios add experiential value in preparation for the real-time fieldwork placements you will undertake in your degree.

Our school is a national leader in physiotherapy simulation.
Our school is a national leader in physiotherapy simulation.

We are a nationally recognised leader in simulation in healthcare education, and use a range of computer-controlled manikins, hospital set-ups and backdrops in scenarios. We engage industry, use actors and community volunteers, and collaborate with schools in the faculty to deliver scenarios in a replica hospital ward, or replica clinic or hospital rooms. You’ll engage with simulated learning throughout your degree, and may undertake an 18-day simulated clinical placement during the penultimate year of your training.

Virtual Home Visit

Developed by Curtin researchers, Virtual Home Visit is a game-based learning experience that allows you to simulate a home visit for an older adult using virtual reality technology.