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How to teach Aussie Optimism at your school

Anyone interested in teaching the Aussie Optimism programs must first attend a one-day training workshop in order to gain accreditation and the skills necessary for implementing a mental health promotion program.

The one-day training workshop provides overviews of the underlying theories, and much emphasis is placed on participants practising activities from the resources and discussing issues concerning mental health, ethics and implementation in general. These workshops are a fun way of engaging with the materials that you will be using with the children at school. Workshop evaluations show that 86% of participants find the workshops contribute highly or very highly toward their skill development, and 91% of participants rate the quality of the workshops as high or very high, overall.

At the workshop you will receive a Teachers’ Resource Kit, which includes a Teacher Resource, a Student Booklet, a Parent Booklet, and for the Social Life Skills and Optimistic Thinking Skills Program, you will also receive a copy of the Parent and Families book and CD.

Importantly, attendance at the workshops results in accreditation, which allows you to run the Aussie Optimism Programs, as well as order resources for your students and their parents.  It is recommended that each student has their own copy of the student booklet for the duration of the program.