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Our workshops are designed to enable teachers and school staff to implement the Aussie Optimism programs effectively.

The workshops provide background information on mental health and mental health promotion, as well as information about program content and implementation. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice activities from the program, so you feel ready to use them in class.

We offer several one-day workshops on campus each year. Our trainers at the Department of Education, Catholic Education and AISWA run additional workshops in schools.

Our Workshops

Feelings and Friends (years 1-3)

  • Recognising feelings
  • Basic emotion vocabulary
  • Recognising ‘body clues’
  • Improving relationships
  • Developing social networks
  • Learning coping strategies
  • Managing conflicts

Positive Thinking Skills (year 4)

  • Developing positive thinking skills
  • Understanding that doing fun things is good for us
  • Facing fears
  • Understanding that thoughts and feelings are connected

Social Life Skills (years 5-6)

  • Identifying emotions
  • Developing communication skills
  • Developing effective decision making skills
  • Identifying and developing social support networks
  • Developing coping skills

Optimistic Thinking Skills (years 7-8)

  • Understanding the link between thoughts and feelings
  • Applying optimistic thinking styles
  • Challenging negative thinking styles