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Spotlight on women in STEMM: Dr Peta Dzidic

Monday 7 August 2017

As an undergraduate student, Dr Dzidic developed a passion for the social sciences after attending a guest lecture by a scientist from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). She then went on to conduct research in the field of community psychology, an area she has worked in since 2003.

New research suggests younger Australians aren’t more self-centred

The self-esteem of Australians has remained stable for decades, calling into question the misconception that the younger generations are becoming more self-centred, new research has found.

All fired up: brain training for anxiety and depression

Dr Patrick Clarke from the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology is taking a new and innovative approach to understanding the causes and treatment of these debilitating illnesses.

One syllable at a time

Curtin University researcher Janet Bielby is tackling the mysterious condition of stuttering from a new angle – investigating it as a genetic condition.

Anti-doping intervention targets coaches

Swimming competitor
In a world first, preventing doping in adolescent sport by targeting coaches is the focus of an international research project led by Curtin, and funded by the International Olympic Committee.

‘No pain, no gain’ not the answer to exercise motivation

Curtin University researchers have found exercisers are more likely to keep exercising if their fitness instructor adopts a positive communication style rather than a ‘no pain, no gain’ approach.

Male body fat shame responsible for gym attendance

Curtin University research has examined the relationship between men’s body attitudes and gym attendance, finding hidden fears about body fat, rather than a desire to build muscle.

Getting in the habit of exercising

Curtin research has examined the role intention and habit play in getting first-generation university students to participate in physical activity.