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Community Psychology

The research and practice focus of the Community Psychology group is strengths-based and aims to understand and enhance the relationships between people and their ecological context. The group’s praxis orientation makes for a strong link between theoretically and empirically driv-en research and action, engaging with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Within this remit, the group’s emphases on procedural and distributive justice, empowerment, culture, com-merce, and methodological development leads to research in areas such as: the natural and built environment, law enforcement strategies, technology usage, identity, health services, consumer psychology, social change, social impacts of climate change and rural communities.

Current Projects

  • Needs of older and younger carers
    By: Moira O’Connor, Lauren Breen, Peta Dzidic
    *This project is funded by the WA Department of Local Government and Communities.
  • Aesthetic theories as predictors of music sales
    By: Adrian North, Amanda Krause
  • Cross-cultural perceptions and experiences of stalking
    By: Lorraine Sheridan, Adrian North
  • Music lyrics and socio-economic trends from 1960-2012
    By: Adrian North, Amanda Krause, Peta Dzidic, Lauren Hewitt
  • Barriers and drivers for inclusion for those with diverse ability in formal recreational settings
    By: Peta Dzidic, Brian Bishop
    *This project is a collaboration between with Curtin Centre for Sport and Recreation Research and the School of Psychology and Speech Pathology