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Fearless study

Fear-less Triple P Project
For parents of a preschool child with anxiety

cartoon of smiling children

The Fear-less Triple P research project will examine the effectiveness of a six-week group parenting intervention in reducing the symptoms of anxiety in preschool children (3 to 5 years) who have severe problems with anxiety.

Parents of preschool children who meet the anxiety criteria will be invited to participate in a free six-week group program with other parents of children experiencing similar difficulties. The group will take place at the Curtin Psychology Clinic at Curtin University.

Research suggests that both early intervention and parenting programs can be beneficial in decreasing anxiety in children. The current study aims to investigate a newly developed parenting program, Fear-less Triple P, designed to reduce anxiety in children and increase parents’ confidence in managing their child’s anxiety.


If you would like any further details about the study or are interested in participating please contact:

Phoebe Edgeworth (Co-investigator) at