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Funding and awards



Updated 28 October 2016

Australian Research Council

Recipients: Welber Marinovic, Curtin University; Stephan Riek, University of Queensland; James Tresilian, University of Queensland
Project: How acoustic stimulation benefits the human brain
Amount: AUD $301,000 (2016-18)

Recipients: Ottmar Lipp, Curtin University; Ursula Hess, Humboldt University, Germany; Frances Martin, Newcastle University
Project: The emotional face: Effects on orienting, visual search, and categorisation
Amount: AUD $443,900 (2015-17)

National Health and Medical Research Council

Recipients: Peter McEvoy, Curtin University; Michelle Moulds, University of New South Wales; Jessica Grisham, University of New South Wales; Emily Holmes, University of Oxford, UK; David Moscovitch, University of Waterloo, Canada; Delia Hendrie, Curtin University
Project: Imagery as an enhancer of cognitive behaviour therapy outcomes for social anxiety disorder: a randomised controlled trial
Amount: AUD $481,624 (2016-19)

International Olympic Committee

Recipients: Nikos Ntoumanis and Eleanor Quested
Project: An Intervention to Optimise Motivational Climates and Prevent Current and Future Willingness to Dope in Adolescent Sport: A Cross-Cultural Project
Amount: AUD $385,000 approx.

Project: The Effectiveness of the Play Clean Group Based and the Mobile Application (iPlayClean) Anti-Doping Education Programs for High-Level Adolescent Athletes and their Entourage: A Randomised Control Trial
Amount: AUD $262,000 approx.

National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders

Recipients: Janet Beilby and Kathy Viljoen, Curtin University and Shelly Kraft, Wayne State University
Project: Genetic Study of Developmental Stuttering
Amount: AUD $300,000

Parkinson’s Western Australia

Recipients: Andrea Loftus and Natalie Gasson, ParkC
Project: The impact of Cognition on Everyday Function, Quality of Life, Motor Symptoms, Sleep, Mood and Carer Experience in Parkinson’s
Amount: AUD $295,000 – $300,000

NSW Department of Education and Communities 

Recipient: Nikos Ntoumanis (joint project with four universities)
Project: Evidence-based physical activity promotion in primary schools
Amount: AUD $280,000


Recipients: Cecile Thogersen-Ntoumani
Project: Promoting walking, less sitting and better mental health in older adults
Amount: AUD $252,421

Commonwealth Department of Health

Recipients: Rebecca Anderson and Clare Rees
Project: OCD Not Me
Amount: AUD $177,409

Australian Army Research Scheme

Recipients: Nikos Ntoumanis, Cecilie Thogersen-Ntoumani and Eleanor Quested
Amount: AUD $61,059

Department of Local Government and Communities

Recipients: Moira O’Connor, Lauren Breen and Peta Dzidic
Project: The experiences and needs of younger and older carers in WA
Amount: AUD $49,870

WA Department of Health Medical and Health Research Infrastructure Fund 

Recipient: Jan Piek
Amount: AUD $34,978

Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation

Recipient: Sarah Egan
Project: An investigation into mindfulness based cognitive therapy to improve anxiety and quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease.
Amount: AUD $20,000

United Way Western Australia and Community Link and Network Midland

Recipient: Mark Boyes, Suze Leitao, Mary Claessen and Peta Dzidic
Project: Evaluation of the United Way Community Programs
Amount: AUD $20,000

St John of God Healthcare

Recipient: Sarah Hardcastle
Projects: Survey on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of oncologists in the promotion of physical activity;
The promotion of health behaviour change in colorectal cancer survivors (PhD candidate Chloe Maxwell-Smith)
Amount: AUD $20,000; AUD $15,000

Hollywood Private Hospital Research Foundation

Recipient: Cecilie Thogersen-Ntoumani, Amy Lampard, Fiona Cartwright and Stephanie O’Toole (Hollywood Clinic)
Project: Understanding motivation-related mechanisms of change during psychological treatment for eating disorders
Amount: AUD $12,946.25

Teaching Academic Scholarship Seed Grant 

Recipient: Emily Castell and Jonathan Bullen
Project: Looking back to see the way forward: Critical reflexivity in Indigenous and Cross Cultural Psychology
Amount: AUD $9,977.18

Teaching Excellence Development Fund

Recipient: Lynne Roberts and Joel Howell
Project: Student and teaching staff perceptions of ‘big data’: Informing the development and implementation of learning analytics at Curtin University

Recipient: Mara Blosfelds
Project: Developing a consensus on academic misconduct: A framework to assist with the interpretation of Turnitin Reports


Updated 16 September 2016

John de Later Award for Research Leadership – Curtin Research Excellence Awards 2016

Recipient: Nikos Ntoumanis

Herman Schaalama PhD Award – European Health Psychology Society

Recipient: Dominika Kwasnicka

Speech Pathology Association – Life membership

Recipient: Suze Leito

WA Clinical Supervisor of the Year

Recipient: Kathy Viljoen

Curtin Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award

Recipient: Trevor Mazzucchelli

APAC Accreditation Assessor

Appointee: Melissa David

Curtin Research Excellence Award for Research Support

Recipient: Rebecca Anderson