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About the school

The School of Public Health at Curtin University was established in 1979 and has evolved to become a leader in public health in Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific region. We are driven towards developing, testing and implementing innovative solutions to new and emerging public health issues that threaten to negatively impact on communities and the environment.

Our research, learning and teaching are embedded within three important and growing areas of public health: health systems and health economics; occupation and the environment; and health promotion and disease prevention. Each of these themes comprise core public health disciplines that include epidemiology and biostatistics, nutrition and dietetics.

Most of the research that is undertaken within the school has an international outlook supported by a network of strong relationships with universities across Southeast Asia which makes us an especially attractive destination for international students wishing to pursue training in public health.

International focus

International students from around the globe come to Curtin because they are welcome here. Our school values the experience and expertise that international students offer to our programs, and we encourage participation and sharing of experiences and perspectives from other countries.

This diversity of international enthusiasm, experience and academic excellence is incorporated into the teaching we do and is an important component of the learning our students experience. We strive to bring an international perspective to many of the courses that we offer. And we value the experiences our international students bring to the classroom setting.

Why choose us?

Public health practice has become increasingly challenging. The emergence of new diseases, the threat of global climate change and terrorism, the steady increase of the world’s population and the globalisation of world economies, have placed public health policy and practice in the forefront of government agendas. Now, more than ever, it is essential that public health practitioners and policy makers have the knowledge and skills required to meet these challenges at both the domestic and international level.

The School of Public Health has a proven track record for preparing its graduates to meet these critical challenges and to successfully work in the field of public health, and more importantly, to make a difference.


Our computer rooms can be accessed every day of the week and provide a secure area in which to study. A large common room with kitchen area, modern appliances and ample seating has been set aside for the exclusive use of our students.

Our accredited sensory evaluation facility is unique to Western Australia. Research areas provide students with access to modern industrial equipment that enables complex cutting edge projects to be undertaken.