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There are two levels of degrees in the School of Public Health, usually you choose a degree based on your current highest qualifications.

Online learning

Online learning (or eLearning) describes a range of activities in which the internet is used to facilitate teaching, including the provision of course information and learning materials, facilitation of communication, group collaboration and assessment. Online learning is used both as a supplement to, and in some cases as a replacement for, face-to-face teaching. The term ‘elearning’ is synonymous with online learning.

The School of Public Health is moving rapidly into the provision of units and courses in an online mode. We now have approximately 20 units available fully online.

For further details about what units and courses are available please contact the School of Public Health.

Blackboard is Curtin’s online teaching and learning management system. It is used to deliver course material, conduct assessments and to facilitate communication and collaboration among staff and students, in the form of email, discussion, chat and whiteboard tools.

Flexible learning

The School of Public health is strongly committed to the best learning outcome for students throughout the world. It is striving to achieve this by the ongoing development of flexible learning. Flexible access to learning resources, flexible admission pathways and recognition of prior learning, and flexibledelivery of learning experiences and assessment are the key components to a flexible “Student-centred learning” environment in the School of Public health.

For more information about the availability of SoPH programs by flexible learning, please contact the School.

Which course suits you?

If your current highest qualification is secondary school, you are most likely to study for a Bachelors (undergraduate) degree.

If you already have a Bachelors degree then you are most likely to study a postgraduate degree. If you do not fit easily into one of these categories, for example, you do not have a Bachelor degree but have considerable industry experience, please have a look at relevant courses and contact us to discuss recognition of prior learning. The School of Public Health may be able to offer you credit (Advanced Standing) towards your degree based on relevant courses or certificates completed, or relevant industry experience. In addition the School of Public Health offers a series of short courses, which you may be interested in.