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What matters most in healthcare
To make decisions about what types of healthcare we, as Australians, should fund, we need to identify which aspects of health are most important.

Cardiovascular Prevention and Outcomes Research
The identification, prevention and management of chronic disease risk factors and understanding impact on clinical outcomes is fundamental to improving health and well-being.

Leadership in health care workshop
A two-day intensive workshop was organised for practitioners from across the health sector.

Winning accolades
Recently graduated student Brodene Straw from the School of Public Health was awarded the Winner 2014 Health Management Award.

PhD Projects
We would like to welcome three recent PHD students.

Evaluation of HealthPathways: a catalyst for system reform
Results suggest that HPW is helping to strengthen relationships across the system increasing communication between professionals in a way that respects participant’s time.

NHMRC Grant Success
Congratulations to Rachael and the team on their recent National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) project grant success.

What’s new in Health Information Management
The Health Information Management (HIM) programme is at a very exciting turning point.

Feature Profile: Rachael Moorin
“As a health economist, I am interested in resource use and efficiency, while as a health services researcher, I am interested in equity and the effect of health policy on access and health outcomes.”