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What matters most in healthcare!

To make decisions about what types of healthcare we, as Australians, should fund, we need to identify which aspects of health are most important.

Should we always prioritise life expectancy over quality of life? Do some aspects of quality of life (perhaps mobility, or freedom from pain) matter more than others? This international collaboration between Curtin University, the University of Technology Sydney, Monash University and the University of Sheffield is exploring these issues using a widely used quality of life instrument.

Dr Richard Norman along with his colleagues from other Australian Universities is researching on ‘developing an Australian valuation for the EQ-5D-5L Quality of Life Instrument’. The research team includes Rosalie Viney (UTS), Richard Norman (Curtin), John Brazier (Sheffield), Paula Lorgelly and Emily Lancsar (Monash) .The research team is running surveys called discrete choice experiments to quantify social preferences.

This information will directly feed into national decision-making processes and help policy makers to prioritise the kinds of healthcare Australians believe to be the most valuable. This project is being funded by the NHMRC Project Grant.


Dr Richard Norman , Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Health Sciencs