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Sexology takes centre stage

A sexology unit took performance studies graduate Jordina Quain from the spotlight and the stage to the hill tribes of Thailand.

What role can universities play in tackling homophobic, biophobic and transphobic bullying?

rainblow flag flying in the breeze
Dr Christopher Fisher from Curtin University’s Department of Health Promotion and Sexology talks about how universities can help foster a culture supportive of sexual and gender diversity.

Domestic violence survivor and advocate awarded John Curtin Medal 2016

Domestic violence survivor and advocate Dr Ann O’Neill has been awarded the John Curtin Medal 2016 for her tireless efforts in raising awareness and providing support to victims of family violence.

Tribal friendships extend beyond borders

Dr Lorel Mayberry travels to the remote border regions of northern Thailand to run sexuality education workshops work with local hill tribe people.

Could your workplace give you cancer?

A skeleton sits at an office desk
People are continuing to be exposed to carcinogens at their workplaces. Can new technology help to protect our health?