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School of Public Health Fellowships

The School of Public Health Curtin University invites applications for a short term sabbatical/Fellowship from academics of outstanding national and international reputation with a broad academic interest within Public Health.

We will offer four such fellowships per calendar year. The aim of this fellowship is to further the school’s engagement with the global academic community and facilitate the building of long term alliances between the school and leading academic institutions. It is expected that the Fellow will normally travel to Curtin University in the year of nomination for a period of at least 4 weeks to allow the research alliance to build and mature. It is also expected that the Fellow will promote the School externally, and particularly foster a twinning relationship with their home institution. It is understood that cementing formal alliances may necessitate continued contact in conjunction with study leave or other academic visits in the future.

The Fellow is expected to present lectures on topics of their choice, or specialist seminars or workshops in their discipline, to engage in cross-disciplinary activities as per the research focus/activities at the time, and to engage with members of the school and Curtin’s research and/or teaching community, including staff and students. It is expected that the Fellow will engage with, researchers and scholars within more than one discipline of the school to encourage multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.


Applications should clearly address the selection criteria indicated below. There is no fixed format for applications, which should not normally exceed 2 pages (4 sides) in length but excluding the full CV. Applications are best made at least 3 months prior to the intended starting date, though overseas academics may wish to start earlier. All applications should include:

  1. Name and contact details of the Fellow;
  2. Name(s) of proposer(s) within the School;
  3. A full Curriculum Vitae of the applicant should be attached;
  4. A statement detailing any current and past synergies with School of Public Health and CHIRI programs of research.
  5. Dates and Plans for the proposed duration of visit (minimum 4 weeks), including any anticipated benefits;
  6. Any proposed engagement of external and community groups; and potential for attracting media coverage.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic excellence of the candidate.
  • Alignment with School of Public Health’s strategic growth.
  • Level and breadth of proposed engagement during the visit.
  • Potential for building an ongoing academic alliance.


The School of Public Health does not normally provide monetary assistance for fellows. However in this instance we will consider off-setting some costs, noting that the total amount of funding available is amaximum of $5000 for international and $3000 for national applicants. A submitted budget request should include areas like:

  • Return economy Airfare
  • Settling-in-allowance (up to AUD $500)
  • Assistance with living and incidental expenses (expressed as a daily value).


  1. All allowances will be paid as a one off sum on arrival.
  2. All applicants must disclose source of funds (not amounts) if self-funded, or received from home institution or from external organizations/sponsors at the time of application. The rationale for this is to avoid any potential conflict of interest between the school and the applicant’s sponsor.

Membership of Selection Panel

  • Chair – Director Research Training, School of Public Health
  • All members of the School Executive
  • Proposer of Fellow
  • One member of the School’s Professoriate.