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Assessment extension

We would like to make students aware of the criteria and conditions under which assessment extensions will be granted.

Please read the following extracts from the University’s policy carefully. The full policy statement can be found in the Assessment and Student Progression Consolidated Manual [.pdf 1.29MB]

Assessment extension for assignment or examination

Due dates for assessments will be strictly adhered to. Extensions will be granted only in cases of urgent need, and only where formally documented requests are made to the unit coordinator, at least two days in advance of the assessment due date.

In exceptional circumstances, a request may be accepted up to five working days after the date or due date of the assessment task. Such requests will only be accepted where the student is able to provide the unit coordinator with a satisfactory explanation of why he or she was not able to submit the application for late assessment by the date or due date of the assessment task.

The criteria for an assessment extension and relevant form is contained in the application for assessment extension form [.pdf 621KB].

Criteria for assessment extension

The unit coordinator or head of school (or nominee) must be satisfied that the reason a student was not able to complete an assessment task was due to exceptional circumstances beyond a student’s control. Such exceptional circumstances that may warrant approval of an assessment extension include, but are not limited to:

  • student injury, illness or medical condition of such significance that completion of the assessment task was not possible
  • family issues (for example, family injury or illness, bereavement etc) of such significance that completion of the assessment task was not possible
  • commitments to participate in elite sport or other activities that warrant favorable consideration
  • commitments to assist with emergency service activities (for example, bush fire protection)
  • unavoidable and unexpected work commitments (for example, relocation, changes to fly-in/fly-out schedules).

Applications for extensions should be submitted via email to the unit coordinator. The unit coordinator will notify the student of the outcome of the request via email. Further detail is on the application for assessment extension form [.pdf 621KB].

Late assessment

Penalties for late assessment will be applied as per the Faculty of Health Sciences late submission policy. Students will be penalised by 10 per cent of the total mark for the assessment per calendar day for a late assessment if there is no prior negotiation with the relevant unit coordinator.