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Aslaug Kristjansdottir

Aslaug Kristjansdottir; University Hospital of Iceland, Landspitali

I graduated as a Master of Forensic Sexology with distinction in 2006. I also hold a B.Sc. in Nursing from the University of Iceland, since 2002.

Since my graduation I have worked at the child and adolescent psychiatric outpatient unit at the University Hospital of Iceland, Landspitali. My work there is mostly with children and adolescents that show some sort of abnormal sexual behaviour e.g. obsessive thinking of sexual actions or behaviours, or are victims of sexual abuse. At the outpatient unit we always work as a team so that makes up for my lack of clinical training in sexology.

I have been on the board of the Icelandic Sexology Association since September 2006, and the president of the ISA since September 2008. I was in the organising committee for the 31st NACS conference in Reykjavik, in September 2008. The ISA is a member of the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology (NACS) and I was s elected as the president of NACS at the WAS congress in June 2009. NACS presidents serve for two years at a time.

Now I’m applying for a Post grad Diploma in Psychosexual therapy at the Relate Institute in the UK. I will train in the UK but do my practice at the psychiatric outpatient unit at my workplace but at the adult one not the child and adolescent one. After I finish that degree I hope to establish the first sexology clinic in Iceland at the University Hospital of Iceland.