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Bethanie Allanson

Sports & Private Practice Dietitian

As a keen athlete, studying a university degree in Human Movement seemed the obvious career decision.  The introduction to sport science was great, but I had no idea which field I wanted to specialise in until I experienced my first taste of sports nutrition in a third year physiology lecture.  From then on, I was hooked, and determined to become a Sports Dietitian.  At the end of my HM degree, I transferred to Curtin University to begin my nutrition studies with the dream of one day working with elite athletes.

Four years later, as a Dietetics graduate, I began my working life as a clinical practitioner, completing locums at Royal Perth and Princess Margaret Hospitals before beginning my next nutrition job in the field of public health.  Although these positions were not related directly to sports nutrition, the skills I attained during these three years were invaluable, and set me up for the next turn my career was about to take.

On the back burner initially after graduation, my dream of being a Sports Dietitian had not diminished, so with some clinical experience and much improved project management and communication skills, I successfully applied for the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Fellowship in Sports Nutrition.  The move to Canberra meant not only physically relocating, but also signified the start of my sports nutrition career.

The AIS Fellowship was an amazing experience and two years later, I had been given the opportunity to further my academic studies in sports nutrition as well as work with some of the world’s best sports nutrition practitioners, and Australia’s best junior and senior athletes.  More than anything, I had been given a foundation to further my career in sports nutrition.  Nearing the end of my Fellowship I successfully applied for a position at the English Institute of Sport.  Working overseas was an amazing experience.  Not only was I able to assist elite athletes preparing for the Beijing Olympics, it also enabled me fantastic opportunities to travel through the UK and Europe.

After two amazing years in Birmingham, England, I relocated back to Perth to work for the AIS with the Australian Men’s and Women’s hockey teams.  The opportunity to help prepare Australian athletes for the London Olympics is extremely exciting and an opportunity I dreamed of when completing my nutrition studies at Curtin.

My nutrition degree has allowed me to reach my professional goals in a job that I love.  I have had the opportunity to travel overseas with sporting teams as well as work abroad while helping athletes achieve their best.

Be open to the opportunities that come your way – you never know where they will lead you!

Bethanie Allanson