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Bronwen Masters

BSc (Nutrition & Food Science), Graduate Diploma in Dietetics

On the April 2nd 2004 I boarded a plane and headed off on my Churchill fellowship. For the next two months I was travelling through the US and visiting the leading burns units in the world. My itinerary did not disappoint, I met dietitians and medical staff that had been developing burns nutrition practices since before I was born. Their knowledge and experience was inspirational.

My first stop was Boston Massachusetts. I visited Brigham and Womens and the Boston Shrines Hospitals. Boston in a beautiful city and the dietitians were knowledgeable and friendly. Boston set the scene for the other Shriners Hospital I would visit throughout the US. The Shriners organisation raises money from fundraising activities each year. This money is then used to run 15 burns/orthopaedic children hospitals throughout the US. A burn patient from anywhere in the world can be admitted to these units and be treated without charge.

After a weekend stop over in the amazing big apple I travelled to the Shrines Hospital in Cincinnati. This hospital has published an overwhelming amount of research in the last 2 decades and is well known in the burns dietetic community. Cincinatti Shrines was impressive. It is clear that this centre excels in all areas of nutrition support.

Galveston Shrines and University Hospital was my final destination. Texan people are fantastic and treated me like an old friend. In my 3-week visit I was exposed to many new practices and gathered a large volume of information on the optimal feeding of burns patients.

This was a life changing adventure that gave me the opportunity to meet the gurus of my field and visit centres that have set the bar in nutrition support. I am truly inspired by my journey and hope one day to be as knowledgeable as the people I was privileged to meet. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity.

For more information on what I learnt, my future plans or information on applying visit the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust website at or email me at

Bronwen Masters