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Janis Jansz

Dr Janis Jansz: Fellow of the Safety Institute of Australia

I was working as a manager in health care and completing a management degree. I thought that managers should know something about occupational safety and health so I enrolled in some units of study in occupational safety and health at Curtin University.

Through the support of Professor Jeff Spickett I was awarded a WorkSafe Australia Scholarship to complete a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety at Curtin University. I used the practical knowledge that I learnt in class in this course at my workplace to manage and improve occupational safety and health.

When my workplace was sold I went to work for the Health Department of Western Australia in their Occupational Health Unit where I provided practical occupational safety and health advice and teaching to health service staff and members of the public in Western Australia. While working for the Health Department of Western Australia I was approached by a University to teach occupational safety and health.

I have been a university lecturer teaching occupational safety and health since January 1996 and really enjoy my teaching and research work. I like generating new knowledge and sharing my practical experience with the current and the next generation of safety and health professionals. I have had the experience of working teaching or researching occupational safety and health in the Netherlands, Poland, China, France, Philippines, Indonesia, Austria, United States of America, Czech Republic and in Malaysia.

Awards that I have won for my occupational safety and health work include World Safety Organisation Person of the Year, Member of the Year for the Safety Institute of Australia (x2), World Safety Educational Award and Awards for Excellence in Research Leadership, Supervision and Support.

Dr Janis Jansz