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Julie Meek

Performance Specialist and Dietitian (self-employed)

decided when I was in Year 9 that I wanted to help people choose healthy food but I had no idea what that career was.  I sought advice from the Guidance Counsellor and he outlined what I would need to do to achieve this. It never occurred to me that getting into university to do this would not be possible!

Curtin University was the sole tertiary institution in Western Australia that offered the Nutrition and Dietetics degree.  It also had a great reputation.

I loved my degree and Curtin from Day 1! It was exactly what I wanted to do and my class was a small cohort of like-minded people. Some of those friendships still remain today.

I have found in my travels that the Nutrition and Dietetics Degree at Curtin Uni has one of the best reputations in the world and this has certainly aided my ability to gain work over the years.

I have been lucky enough to have had an extremely diverse and interesting career to date. It has taken me from my first job in country NSW as a sole Dietitian to grassroot and elite sport (Fremantle Dockers, Perth Wildcats and WAIS), working on remote mine sites and off-shore rigs, setting up Belly Blasters (a unique fat and waist loss program), building my own private practice, writing two books, a long running radio segment on 6PR 882AM radio and meeting some amazing people along the way.  I know that all of these fabulous career opportunities have enabled me to be where I am today.

At the moment my time is spent as a professional speaker mostly in the corporate sector (speaking about how to utilize the attributes of world-class athletes in business), conducting online programs, writing (blogs and books), media work (radio and print) and corporate coaching at CEO/MD level)

I learnt the hard way that dedicated study is very important while at university.  I failed two integral units (although which ones aren’t?) in 2nd year due to poor time management and time spent at the uni tavern!  Make sure you study first and then relax.

Never give up on what you believe in and always believe in yourself.  Go ahead and forge new pathways.

Julie Meek