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Katherine Buller

Katherine Buller; Currently working in Corporate Health

In November 2009 I decided that I needed to throw myself a challenge. I figured what better way than to move over East. I started to look at jobs online and saw that there were many more Health Promotion job opportunities in Victoria than what WA offered so I set a date; 7th April and started to put the wheels in motion to move to Melbourne.

As I had not yet graduated I started contacting my lecturers and coordinators to see my options in fast tracking my degree as I still had 3 units that needed to be completed before graduating. I was able to enrol in 2 units during summer school. One at the University of WA and the other at Curtin and my final unit which was my work experience unit I was able to complete half as a full time student and conclude it as a distant student. I completed my work experience at Kidsafe WA in the summer break while also completing my two summer school units.

As I was so pushed for time completing my work experience at Kidsafe WA, Completing my summer school units, and working 4 days a week as a Nanny I didn’t have much time to apply for jobs. However, there was one job I applied for: A Health Promotions Account Manager for a Corporate Health Company. On the 4th March, 2 weeks after sending off my application I received a rejection letter saying that I did not get the job. However a week after this I received a phone call saying that another position had risen and would I be interested.

I arrived in Melbourne on the 7th April, had my interview on the 8th April and started working on the 3rd May 2010. While working full-time I continued to complete my assignments for my final unit and achieved a Distinction. I am still working in corporate health and after 4 months of employment I am up for a promotion to a Senior Account Manager position.

While I am enjoying this work now I do want to gain a job in the public health sector but am currently gaining fantastic Health Promotion experience while working in corporate health.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the degree I chose and the opportunities it has made available to me.