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Kelly Martin

Clinical Dietitian, Dietetics Department, Fremantle Hospital and Health Service

The passion I had (and still have) to be a food and nutrition expert made selecting the Curtin University Nutrition and Dietetics degree easy; because in my eyes there was no other. It was an unforgettable decision to leave the country and move to the ‘big smoke’ and now look at me, I am qualified and practising as a clinical dietitian in Fremantle. I graduated in 2010 and have since been helping people overcome dietary issues through nutrition intervention. For me there is no better reward then a genuine “Thankyou” from a patient and there are many!

Curtin University was the only university offering the dietetics degree in Western Australia when I applied. Being a girl from the country I had little knowledge about the universities and all I wanted was to study nutrition. You would understand that I had little thought for the campus ‘extras’ such as cafes, taverns, book shops etcetera. In fact I was left jaw-on-floor and saucepan-eyed  at the sight of the campus which appeared to me like a city! I  spent my first year living on campus and found Curtin University bright, energetic and inspiring. If I was asked what would I do differently now  I would answer “nothing; I would do it all over again”

I would not be where I am today without the Curtin University Nutrition and Dietetics degree. The course and most importantly the lecturers and tutors have taught me how to be a food and nutrition expert. The course may have been difficult at times like all courses however, majority of the times were very interesting. The lab classes and experiments were unforgettable and friends and family would listen to my uni stories because they were never boring e.g. inflating pig lungs or riding bikes in a chamber purposely to sweat!

Since graduating from Curtin University in 2010 I have worked as a locum Dietitian at Albany Regional Hospital, Armadale-Kelmscott Memorial Hospital and am currently working at Fremantle Hospital and Health Service (FHHS). At FHHS my clinical areas include Heamatology & Oncology, Orthopaedics and Medical Specialists. I work an average day from 8.30 – 4.30pm where I mostly give nutrition and dietetic advice to inpatients with occasional outpatient counselling and education sessions. As a new graduate I continue to learn every day and I am privileged to be working in a supportive environment with a mentor that I can turn to for guidance when needed. Every day I assess and intervene for new patients or review those I have already established rapport with. I liaise with nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and more every day,  all with the aim of providing best practice and care to our patients. I love my job and my goal is to continue helping people through my role as a dietitian.

For future students or contemplators what I can say is, I have no regrets. My four years spent as both an undergraduate and postgraduate nutrition and dietetic student was amazing and  life changing especially with all the amazing friends I have made along the way. You will never know unless you do it yourself… so get in there and give it a go!

Kelly Martin