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Laura Kiely

Consultant Dietitian, The Foodie

Nutrition was the perfect fit for me as I am fascinated by the human body, curious about food as a medicine and a lover of food and cooking. The Curtin undergraduate, BSc and dietetics post graduate satisfied my hunger for all of these things and whet my appetite for the art of working with people and opened my mind to a scientific and enquiring way of looking at the world. The School of Public health facilities and passionate, friendly teaching faculty were the perfect recipe for a solid foundation to enter the work force.

My career has afforded me a diverse working life. The first few years were a tasting plate, providing me the opportunity to decide which area of dietetics I liked best, I tried out a few things:

  • A State role in a Multinational catering company, which exposed me to nutrition issues in the WA outback (mining), Perth schools and aged care facilities
  • The Inner City Mental Health Clinic, working with people with schizophrenia and associated nutrition issues
  • Mercy private Hospital where I experienced a more clinical and outpatient role from geriatrics to obesity surgery

I now combine all of my interests within my business “The Foodie”, specialising in providing Food Service consultancy (to clients as far out as Christmas Island) and have a private practice clinic supporting people presenting with issues such as disordered eating, morbid obesity, food intolerances and chronic disease. I’ve since gone on to study further in the psychotherapy area to strengthen my work with people.

It says a lot that I still love all things food, medicine, science and people and still think highly of my lecturers, who continue to support me!.  As a sessional lecturer /tutor at Curtin in the Dietetics Food Service and Counselling programs, I may have the opportunity to share more about my working life with you!

Go for it! “…..Look ever forward” as they say!

Laura Kiely