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Mindu Dorji

Mindu Dorji: Master of Health Administration

My study at Curtin has been a great for me. I found that the units I took were very relevant to developing countries like Bhutan. What I learnt in the School of Public Health is practical to my day to day work. Students need to excel ourselves during our study at the University. Everyone is given many opportunities to improve and International Students should not miss such a privilege. I have no regrets coming to Public Health, since I did my best to take those opportunities. I have tried to learn and grasp what I was taught by our eminent professors and lecturers in the School.

The lectures in the class are not the only way that one learns. Completing assignments often including reviews of literature, using references by from books and journals from the Curtin University library website gives critical ideas. These were very informative and useful activities. Browsing and reading the E. journals provided much information and such free access was useful. My professors and lecturers were helpful and ready to provide assistance at any given point of time if I needed their help. I am back in my country and I am happy that my Ministry (Ministry of Health) has given me a challenging and prestigious post. I feel that with my study at Curtin University, School of Public Health fully prepared and equipped me to meet the challenges ahead in Bhutan.