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Rachel Tay

Clinical Dietician at Changi General Hospital (Singapore)

My interest in food and its impact on the human body developed during the course of my diploma in Applied Food Science and Nutrition. I underwent an internship with the National Kidney Foundation in the final year of my diploma where I got the chance to shadow the Dietician for his daily activities with the patients at the various renal satellites. That internship inspired me to pursue Dietetics as a career path that could positively impact the lives of my future patients.

I applied to study at Curtin University as it has a well established Nutrition and Dietetics program accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia. The proximity of Perth to Singapore as well as the similar time zones was an added bonus for me.

The School of Public Health at Curtin University provided ample space and modern facilities for learning. The lecturers were very approachable and played a big role in helping me to think out of the box when encountering various challenges. I also enjoyed the variety in internship opportunities that gave me exposure to the different arms of Dietetics i.e. Clinical, Community, Food Service. I got the chance to do a split practicum under the clinical arm where I was able to observe and appreciate the differences between clinical practice in Australia and Singapore, and that helped me to build up the various skills being applied in my practice to this day.

My current clinical work at Changi General Hospital gives me exposure to various specialty areas via ½ yearly rotations. This enables me to better understand different disease states and subsequently design customized nutrition care plans to help patients manage their diverse health conditions. I take special interest in the areas of pre and post-operative nutrition, renal nutrition and public health.
Apart from my clinical workload, I’ve also been given numerous opportunities to run public health talks and workshops in the inpatient and private settings for corporate clients. In conjunction with this, I work collaboratively with other Dieticians and healthcare personnel on projects to improve the quality of care and health of the local population.

I will always have fond memories of my study experience at Curtin University and the great friendships made along the way. My advice to future students would be to keep an open mind and make the most of every opportunity to learn and network with fellow peers and industry experts. I have no regrets taking up Dietetics as a career path and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys meeting new people and being involved with the exciting and fast growing industry of nutrition science.

Rachel Tay