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Simone Allen

Private practice in Sports Nutrition

After graduating in 2000 as a Dietitian I was all set to go for a fulltime position only, hopefully Clinical. Working in Sports Nutrition was a long time goal, and would be a bit of a bonus. Now, only nine years later, I run a private practice in sports nutrition seeing patients one on one, for group education at school or sporting clubs, visit mine sites for one or two day trips and I also work with particular sports as their Team Dietitian. So I can quite happily say I enjoy my job as it encompasses my two favourite topics – sport and food!

How did I get here? After working for a year as a Sole Dietitian for the Wellington Health Service (based in Collie) I wanted to move back to Perth, and the one way I achieved this was by taking up some work in private practice. For several years I worked for several private practices at various locations. Through working with my mentor, I learnt how to work with many different athletes, traveled to mine sites for nutrition visits and gained so much knowledge on a wide range of nutrition topics and how to apply this information in the real world. She also encouraged me to do the Sports Nutrition Course at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, to become a Sports Dietitian which I did in 2003. In 2006 I bought a private practice, and the business has grown since then and I have enjoyed every minute. I see patients twice a week at two different clinics, work as the Team Dietitian for Mens Gymnastics WA, Innovative Sports Specialists Rugby Program, and the Go for 2 and 5 Perth Lynx.

I have provided nutrition services to Triathlon Excellence Program, professional triathletes, Athletics Australia, Sports Medicine Australia, West Coast Eagles Football Club, Tennis West, Equestrian WA, WA Squash and Swimming WA. I do group educations throughout the week and the occasional mine site visit to somewhere in regional WA. I now have two Sports Dietitians working for me who also work at my clinics to help with the busy practice.

One of the best parts of my job is to receive an email or phone call from an athlete thanking me for helping them achieve one of their goals and that they did it through improving their nutrition.

Simone Allen